Services I Offer


I offer a wide range of editorial services, depending on your project and how deep you would like me to go into your project. I am experienced with books as well as academic papers, including thesis papers. If you have any questions about what I offer, please feel free to email me. I am flexible and willing to accept any projects you may have. 

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is what I would like to call the "Big Picture" editing. I will work with you on plot, narrative arc, characterization, character growth, and pacing, as well as grammar and spelling. I will help you with your project as a whole, making it flow from beginning to end. This is for the client who would like a detailed, focused critique of your project as a whole.

Synopsis Work

I offer two kinds of synopsis work. The first option is for those who have already written a synopsis for a project, and would like it critiqued. I will read through it, making no mark ups, and give you an overall critique. This is for those who are working on polishing their manuscript/project submissions for publication in order to make it as competitive as possible. The second option is step-by-step help in writing a synopsis for your project. I can mark up an already existing synopsis, or help you write one from scratch. This is for those who wish to get a second opinon before sending their project for publication submissions. 

Bundle Combo Deal!
Basic Copy Editing

Basic copy editing is what I would like to call, the "fine tuning." I will go through your project for grammatical errors, spelling, syntax, repetition, and other details that polish a project. This is for clients who are confident in the context of their project, but wish to ensure it is as clean as possible. 

Query Work

I also offer two kinds of query work. The first option is for those who already have a query written up, and would like an overall critique. I will not make any mark ups, but will give you my overall impressions and critiques. This is for those who wish to polish off a query, rather than start from scratch. My second option is for those who want to start from scratch. If you have a query already written, I can make mark ups and give you an overall critique, or I can work with you from the beginning to write your query. This is for those who want extra help in making their query as successful as possible.



The bundle combo deal will combine all of the above mentioned services. I will give you the "big picture" developmental editing, "fine tuning" basic copy editing, synopsis work, as well as query work for an affordable price. This is for the client who wants help in the entire writing and submission process. Advised for anyone looking for multiple services.